New Developer Reveals Infinium Strike

By Fierce, 2 years ago
Codex Worlds, a developing team of former Ubisoft associates, has revealed its very first project, Infinium Strike. On the heels of an open beta, positive feedback has resulted in this Kickstarter-funded, outer space strategy-action title to get an Xbox One release.

IS Key Art

Infinium Strike takes place in the future and is an intergalatic battle between humans and a ruthless alien species, The Wrog. Battle after battle, humans have suffered defeat at the hands of The Wrog until the discovery of a new element called Infinium. With Infinium, the game changes. Players will have a wide selection of weapons systems, fleet ships and cutting edge technology designed to tilt the odds in humanity's favor and send that alien enemy back to the pits of space from which they came.

The game is expected to include a campaign mode allowing players to level up as they battle The Wrog. It will also include an endless ‘Deep Space’ arcade mode intended for players to fight off waves of relentless alien enemies. The accompanying pre-launch video shows some gameplay action along with various ship and enemy battles that will take place.

Screenshot images of galactic proportions have also been released.

Infinium Strike will be blasting off to the Xbox One in Q2 of 2016. Further information and a game preview is expected to be available at this year's PAX South.
Written by Fierce
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