Developers for Unravel Release Inspirational Video

By Fierce, 2 years ago
What was previously revealed to be an epic story for a single ball of yarn in the upcoming platformer, Unravel, Creative Director Martin Sahlin is back to explain what inspired him to fabricate the tale that will see its release next month.

Unravel is a "game about love... where the bonds we form with other people were real bonds... like strands of yarn", says Sahlin in the latest video released. The Yarni character explores the softer side of the human condition and embraces the idea of staying attached to something important and reconnecting things that were not meant to be apart. With lavish environments, an in-depth story and fascinating puzzles to solve, Unravel has already thread a lot of anticipation to be one of the year's best puzzle platformers. Sahlin ends the video by saying that "Yarni is already reaching people and forming new bonds".

Yarni will get to weave his story in Unravel on February 9th.
Written by Fierce
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