Fenix Rage Renamed to Fenix Furia

By Chewie, 2 years ago
Following some legal issues back in November with the game's original name and a certain 2011 shooter, fast-paced retro platformer Fenix Rage has now been renamed Fenix Furia. Rather than just a rename, Green Lava Studios has taken the opportunity to rework elements of the game along with the rebranding, including retuned levels, a new playable character and a whole new split-screen two player mode.

10/01/16 - New Logo

Lead developer Eduardo Ramirez had the following to say on the changes:
It’s very exciting that the journey to bring our game to consoles will be finally happening soon. While we’ve had to overcome a couple of obstacles, we want to thank all gamers for their patience. We’ve added some great new modes and definitely incorporated player feedback on level difficulty to make Fenix Furia a fantastic platform game

Fenix Furia is now due in Winter 2016.
Written by Chewie
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