Dead Rising 3 Will Continue the DR2 Storyline

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
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Capcom COO David Reeves has revealed that the storyline of Dead Rising 2 is likely to be continued in Dead Rising 3, and that digital episodes will almost certainly be released to bridge the link between the two games. In an interview with CVG, Reeves said:

"Obviously, with all of that success on Dead Rising 2, it makes sense to move onto Dead Rising 3. I think that [developer Blue Castle Games] may extend it by bringing in new characters and new interactions, or bring back others from before.

The idea would be that we'll bring digital content to bridge a link between DR2 and DR3. It's a bit like an online game in that way - a continuous story. I don't want to say episodic, but I think you'll be find there'll be scriptwriters coming in to [continue the story]."
Capcom successfully released a 'prologue' to DR2, titled Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, which introduced players to the new features of the game. Case Zero was downloaded over 500,000 times. An 'epilogue', titled Dead Rising 2: Case West, was also announced in September, with the original protagonist Frank West returning to the narrative.

Dead Rising 2: Case West has not got a confirmed release date yet.
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