Gemini: Heroes Reborn Release Date Confirmed

By Ashley Woodcock,
Alongside the recently covered news of a trailer and a gameplay video for Imperative Entertainment's upcoming adventure Gemini: Heroes Reborn, the team also revealed the release date for the title as well, which was January 12th. Obviously the game has not been released yet, but an updated release date has been announced along with a handful of details on what's to come in the game.

We covered details of the game's main character, Cassandra, last year, but the creator of the HEROES universe and co-founder of Imperative Entertainment, Tim Kring, gives us a bit more information on the story and game design:

Gemini: Heroes Reborn is actually an original story that shows a darker part of the Heroes Reborn universe unseen on the television series. We designed it to be a true gamer’s game that requires players to read and react to hostile situations quickly and effectively. The ability to combine or ‘stack’ multiple super powers provides a gameplay experience unlike any game yet and we are eager to see some of the creative solutions players come up with to get through the game.
Using the brilliance of the Unreal 4 engine, check out some of the super powers that players will be able to use alongside Time Slow and Telekinesis:

• Time Shift: jump between time periods to keep enemies confused, gain advantages and solve puzzles.
• Time Scout: peer through a window in time to quickly assess situations without making a Time Jump.
• TK Projectile: fire a power blast of energy that impacts everything in its path.
However, Cassandra isn't the only person who can use super powers and some of the enemies are also immune to some of the powers. This factor will require players to think outside-the-box and create different tactics to take out troublesome enemies. Once an enemy is out for the count, use the game's ragdoll physics to pick up a knocked out or dead enemy and use them against your fresh opponents.

Gemini: Heroes Reborn is now set for an Xbox One release on January 19th.

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Ashley Woodcock
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