Hitman Becomes A Fully Episodic AAA Release

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
HITMAN has undergone a couple of revisions during its development.  We previously reported on Io Interactive's decision to have a $35 entry tier or a $60 full experience version. To muddy the waters further, that structure has been eschewed in favor of a different episodic release structure.

In this latest development, it seems that HITMAN has evolved from quasi-episodic to actually episodic. The first episode will release in March and will be an assassination mission set in Paris. This will be followed by another mission in Italy in April, then a third in Morocco in May. Another three future monthly mission locations have been stated as well: Thailand, the US, and Japan. This first season of the now-episodic HITMAN will conclude with said Japan mission later this year. During the season, there will be additional weekly events that are independent from the larger monthly missions, and additional content that has not yet been detailed. The developers have stated that the decision to further break down the game into monthly episodes is to allow for additional time for each individual episode to be polished-up to Hitman standards.

The new pricing structure is as follows. The Intro Pack will contain the Prologue and Paris episode in March for US$15. Each subsequent episode will cost $10 as a DLC add-on to the Intro Pack. Players still have the option to pay $60 for the full first season, meaning that overall you would pay $5 less than purchasing each of the five monthly episodes after the Prologue/Paris intro in march. There is one note: the release notes do mention that the Full Experience purchase "guarantees them not to miss any live or bonus content". What this means for those that choose to purchase only the Intro Pack and skip a month in which they’re not as interested is unclear. Further details will hopefully be forthcoming as to how the live and bonus events play into this episodic structure, due to the fact that the pricing is centered around the main monthly missions themselves.

Finally, players who purchase the Intro Pack can opt to buy an Upgrade Pack for $50 to gain “everything that the Full Experience offers”. Interestingly, paying $15 for the Intro Pack and $50 for the Upgrade Pack works out the same price-wise as simply purchasing each episode individually, so it doesn't save you any cash over buying the episodes individually. This is unusual for a season pass-style purchase after the first episode, in the vein of the Telltale Games' episodic nature. Eventually, a retail disc release of the Full Experience is planned at the end of this year, once all of the episodes are out.

Players can begin tracking down their HITMAN marks when the Intro Pack drops on March 11th.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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