Rugby Challenge Announced

By Keith Gray, 8 years ago
New Zealand's best known developer, Sidhe, has announced that they are currently busy developing Rugby Challenge.

The game will focus solely on Union rules, and is likely to attempt to reinvigorate a genre which has struggled in recent years.

The good news is that the title is in the hands of a development team which has created several other reasonably successful sports titles on a variety of platforms. Also, the team should know the sport pretty well, after all, rugby is New Zealand's national sport!

The official press release gives an indication of the game's features:
Rugby Challenge will include the All Blacks, ITM Cup, and Investec Super Rugby amongst other licensed teams and competitions, and will feature multiplayer online play, a multi-year franchise mode, extensive customisation options, and dynamic real-time commentary
A decent amount of options and modes will be available for gamers to tackle and everyone at Sidhe seems excited about the job in hand.

Managing Director of Sidhe, Mario Wynands elaborates:
After achieving success with other sports videogames, we are extremely proud to be taking on the national sport of New Zealand... This is an exciting time for rugby both within New Zealand and internationally, and it is fantastic to be a part of that
Rugby Challenge may only be available in Austrailia and New Zealand. However with the game currently scheduled to coincide with next Rugby World Cup (in Q3 2011), a worldwide release is a strong possibility.
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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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