Cobalt Receives Release Date, Screens and Details

By Ashley Woodcock,
Plenty of new details have been rolled out for Cobalt as publisher Mojang shares their gameplay experience from their time with the game, as well as sharing a few screens.

Cobalt Screens 4

Rolling looks to be a big factor of Cobalt. Although it doesn't sound very entertaining, Mojang promises that rolling will be "extremely fun". To increase the fun factor, rolling is best used during battle where, if timed correctly, players can deflect enemy projectiles back at their enemy for a knockout blow.

Extreme Location-Specific Slow-Mo is a more interesting part of the game and "is probably the best slow-mo in any video game to date". Mojang feels very confident in their slo-mo feature because of it being location-specific and the fact that it triggers automatically. If your character (a cyborg) is under threat from bullets, grenades, or melee attacks then time will suddenly slow down around you. From here, the choice is yours. Switch weapons quickly, deflect the projectiles back at your opponent, or quickly get out of the way of danger.

The campaign itself aims to be around eight hours long. There's plenty of stuff to shoot but there's also going to be other features such as dancing mini-games, tameable pets, conversation trees and more. Players will also get the opportunity to upgrade their suit and weapons as the adventure progresses.

Leaderboards will be ready for dominating thanks to the competitive side of Cobalt. Players can check out the Speed and Combat challenges on offer as they compete to try and beat others scores and times. The rolling feature of the game can be used to help your character gain speed by punching the ground during a tumble. Combat challenges will include weapons, combos, and "extra explosions".

Survival mode will be included in Cobalt as players look to stay alive against waves of enemies. As the mode progresses, players can upgrade their equipment to help against the increasing difficulty. Players can survive solo or buddy up with a friend for some local co-op action.

The game will offer more than just local co-op multiplayer. Mojang has more details on the different multiplayer modes that will be available:

Cobalt also includes loads of multiplayer modes. My personal favourite is Plug Slam - Cobalt’s own future sport. Shoot, throw, or punch the plug into the opponent’s goal to score, and get more points than your opponent to win. It sounds a bit generic in that description but, honestly, it’s great. Cobalt also features deathmatch modes and and Team Strike - an entirely original gametype where two teams fight to the death over multiple rounds and earn currency for upgrades. All multiplayer modes can be played locally or online.
Cobalt releases for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 2nd. A specific release date for the Windows 10 version is yet to be announced.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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