For Honor Concept Art and Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Before the look back at 2015, it had been a few months since we last saw any content from Ubisoft's upcoming hack & slash title For Honor. New details have emerged in the form of concept art and a very lengthy blog post from concept artist Maxime Desmettre. Ubisoft focuses on the creation of Citadel Gate and takes us through the process that started out as an idea for a "damlike stronghold", but finished with an impressive-looking mountain fortress. Here's a small chunk of the blog post from Maxime, who shares details about the Citadel Gate:

The castles, at the core of several For Honor maps, are here to give an emotion, a feeling of strength, grandeur and importance feeling more than to match historical requirements. This allows our team to stretch reality and to focus on the function they have in our game (like ramparts rather than a courtyard, for example). Still, we stayed practical in our approach to raise credible structures that could stand against assaults and time.
Take a look at some of the artwork of Citadel Gate that takes us from its very early sketches to the finished product:

For those who are interested, be sure to take a look at the full blog post right here for a ton of details on the artwork and ideas behind the Citadel Gate.

For Honor will make its way to the Xbox One this year.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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