We are One

By Rich Stone, 9 years ago
As we have been approaching approximately 12 months since I started the site, I've been wondering exactly what date I should be using to celebrate our "birthday".

Should it be the date I first registered the url trueachievements.com? Should it be the date the first web holding page went up? Or maybe the day I create the database?

I've decided to go with this:

It is exactly a year to the day since I first ran the scanner code to grab achievements from the 20 or so people on my xbox live friends list.

The achievement data was dumped into the database, and I ran the TrueAchievement formula against it to see what would happen.

And then 1 year later, you're reading this and we have close to 20,000 members smile.

I just want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who's been involved with the site since that afternoon when I was messing around with square roots and proportionality. The site has become what it is now because of your brilliant ideas and your awesome content - you guys rock!


This morning I've upped a couple of bug fixes, but more importantly I've been working on ways to speed up the site. I won't bore you with the technicals, but it seems to have made quite a difference smile

So, onwards and upwards! Here's to another year of TA-related achievement-hunting, meeting new friends, playing great games and generally having a blast!

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueAchievements, TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements. Writes site news and still finds time for the odd game here and there. Loves Racing games and Shooters, yet to be convinced that any RPG is worth the time investment!