The Division Exclusive Gameplay Video & Interview

By Peter Stojanov, 2 years ago
Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have released a new video featuring details about Tom Clancy's The Division. Not only that, but there is also an interview (below the video) with the creative director, Magnus Jansen, on what to expect from this third-person shooter. Watch the exclusive gameplay trailer below to see a lot of multiplayer action.

Xbox Wire: Gamers are definitely psyched for The Division to land. Would you mind breaking down what the game is all about?

Magnus Jansen: We have theses three pillars – online, open-world, and RPG – that I think summarize it fairly well. These are three important things. The online allows us to do this seamless drop-in and drop-out play in the Dark Zone, which is where you, without loading or without any visible matchmaking, step over a fence and are suddenly playing multiplayer.

Xbox Wire: And this ties into the second pillar?

Magnus Jansen: Yes, that seamlessness… it’s in an open-world. You are going around New York, doing the missions or the campaign in single-player mode or, of course, in co-op. But you are doing it all seamlessly in this open-world, and then you are stepping into this Dark Zone. The other part is classic open-world stuff; you can go anywhere you want, and craft your own adventures.

Xbox Wire: And the RPG elements complement all this?

Magnus Jansen: Yes, it’s a Tom Clancy game and a deep RPG, so you’re getting more powerful, and getting more toys and more tools at your disposal to combine with that classic Clancy approach to tactical combat. Thinking is rewarded – thinking about your loadout, how you position yourself, flanking using cover, and potentially working with a team and having that aspect if you’re playing co-op. That is the RPG part of it.

Xbox Wire: Is there anything in particular that makes The Division stand out from similar experiences?

Magnus Jansen: Sometimes in online games, when you’re playing and achieving things, the world doesn’t change – because it’s supposed to be a world shared by everyone. None of your actions has a lasting effect, because then it would be weird for people who are running around and seeing something that they didn’t achieve. That’s why The Division’s Base of Operations – which is basically your established base early on in the game – is sort of a representation of you. It is a personal space.

Xbox Wire: A customizable space?

Magnus Jansen: Well, when you step through the doors, it’s all yours and you invest in it with your resources; when you invest in it, you get upgrades, you get things that belong to you. But you also have this emotional aspect to it: It starts out dirty, unlit, nobody is there. People are sick, unhappy, and then when you do a mission, the lights come on; it’s cleaned up, and life comes back. And all of that is yours – a physical representation of you taking back New York.
The Division will be released for the Xbox One on March 8th, 2016, with the closed beta beginning on January 28th, exclusively on the Xbox One.
Peter Stojanov
Written by Peter Stojanov
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