Prison Architect Coming to Consoles

By Fierce, 3 years ago
Crime doesn't pay, especially when you're no good at being a criminal. When that happens, you'll likely find yourself sent to the big house. The person who decides not only what happens when you get there but is also responsible for seeing to all aspects of the prison, is the concept of Double Eleven's latest creation, Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition.

Previously released on PC back in October, Prison Architect is a top-down, 2D simulation that will be making its breakout on consoles this spring. In the game, you'll get to act as the warden of a maximum security prison and be challenged with all kinds of things that might go wrong in an inmate's life. Prison fires, riots, construction, demolition, meal times, shower times, hiring, firing and basically just keeping the peace will all be your responsibility that could ultimately win you the approval from the Mayor, who will see to it that you get to build the prison of your dreams. Take a look at the recent teaser for the game as well as a roll out of screenshot images that were provided. It's the law!

No sentencing date has been set, but the prisoners will start doing hard time this spring once Prison Architect gets released on Xbox One and Xbox 360.
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Written by Fierce
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