Winners: Fallout 3

By Dave Horobin, 2 years ago
Before we get into the winners of this week's competition to win a code for Fallout 3, I'd like to mention the generosity of our amazing community over the past few days. Since the competition started on Tuesday I have been sent lots of messages from people willing to donate codes for both this giveaway, and future ones. That means that instead of the two planned winners today, we now have eight!

This week's prizes have been donated by:
Avenged Warfare
Segendary Ty
Parallax Demon

Fallout 3

On to the lucky winners:

1. Comment number 149 by
Ka booom
2. Comment number 511 by FallenUtopia:
would love to give it a go
3. Comment number 207 by AssyrianDuke:
4. Comment number 457 by guffnuts:
Imagine the fun that could be had!
5. Comment number 57 by MEGAMAN2509:
Me please
6. Comment number 85 by Lil Silent One:
Deff need this to help family see where 4 started
7. Comment number 73 by IllegallySam:
Seems like fun
8. Comment number 149 by FryeFam1:
need this, again.
Congratulations to all eight of you! I'll be sending your codes in PM shortly.

Thanks to everyone that entered this week, and to our generous community members that donated codes.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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