Batman: Arkham Knight Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6 Achievement List

By Rich Stone, 2 years ago
Rocksteady Studios has been regularly releasing DLC packs for Batman: Arkham Knight since its launch in June last year and we have just picked up the achievement list for the latest of those packs, the "Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6".

The pack releases today and contains 7 achievements for 160 Gamerscore, which takes the total Gamerscore available in the game up to a pleasantly round 2,000:

What the Butler Saw in Batman: Arkham Knight
Complete the Wayne Manor AR Challenge as Batman without using any gadgets or taking any damage.
Secrets of the Batcave in Batman: Arkham Knight
Complete the Batcave AR Challenge unharmed as Batman and Nightwing, using only Beat Downs.
Silent Night, Deadly Night in Batman: Arkham Knight
Complete the Silent Knight AR Challenge unharmed as Batman and Robin, using only Knockout Smashes.
Eternal in Batman: Arkham Knight
Eternal80 (30)
Complete the Endless Knight AR Challenge, taking out 50 Enemies as Batman.
The Chill in the Air in Batman: Arkham Knight
Complete the Crime Alley AR Challenge unharmed as Batman, Robin and Nightwing.
The Curtain Falls in Batman: Arkham Knight
Flawless FreeFlow in every round of the Monarch Theatre as Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.
Requiem for a Killer in Batman: Arkham Knight
Defeat an old adversary in the Iceberg Lounge AR Challenge, playing as Batman.

Find out more about the pack in our Achievement List Preview video:

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