Four Hours of Videos for ARK: Survival Evolved

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Grab your favourite snack, pour yourself a fresh drink and prepare yourself for a heavy amount of video footage from two recent streams that showcase a massive amount of content for Studio Wildcard's action-adventure title ARK: Survival Evolved.

The first video is an ID@Xbox Showcase where ARK gets its chance to shine in the showcase spotlight. The video kicks off at around the 2:50 mark as two hosts spend plenty of time exploring the vast land that the title has to offer:

The second video comes in the form of Microsoft's "Tips and Tricks" as Bonny, also known as ZATANN4, hosts the show and hosts a party full of buddies to help her explore the dangerous world. Check out the video and see if there are any tips and tricks worth learning as Bonny streams gameplay, has a laugh with her party, and replies to questions from the chat users during the stream. The video kicks off around the 4:55 mark:

ARK: Survival Evolved is available to try out on the Xbox One right now as part of the Xbox Game Preview program for $34.99 or regional equivalent. The full version of the game releases in June as part of the ID@Xbox program.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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