Dying Light Adds Nightmare Mode

By Marc Caccamise, 2 years ago
Just in case surviving the zombie apocalypse was a little too easy for you in Dying Light, developer Techland has that covered. As part of the upcoming Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition, a new difficulty level called Nightmare Mode will ramp up the challenge with several new restrictions. Alongside everything already introduced in Hard Mode, active skills now take up stamina, overpowered Easter Egg weapons are not available, and dying results in losing all XP above your current level. Players will benefit, however, from an increased rate of XP gain, including a 10% increase per each co-op partner, and an increased abundance of gold tier weapons.

Here's producer Tymon Smektala on Nightmare Mode:
We’ve designed the Nightmare Mode for those seeking a really challenging and immersive experience. Nightmare Mode takes everything that was brutal in our Hard Mode and twists it even more. We’re trying to bring the Dying Light experience closer and closer to the feeling of a real apocalypse survival experience where every move you make can really determine if you live or die.
Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition is set to release on February 9th on the Xbox One. Players who already have the base version of Dying Light can buy The Following expansion individually.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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