Star Wars Battlefront Update Nerfs Some Weapons

By Marc Caccamise, 2 years ago
Today marks the first time since December 1st of last year that Star Wars Battlefront has received a free content update. Revealed in an overall outlining of the game's future DLC planning, some of the new additions include game modes for the Tatooine Survival map, Hoth character outfits for Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, and the ability to create Private Matches.

Additionally, a follow-up forum post on Battlefront's website has outlined all of the changes that are taking place behind the scenes. Much of this includes nerfs applied to different weapons, vehicles and Heroes, modifying aspects like damage and range that can be dished out.

Here's today's free update in its entirety:

Additional Content/Functionality:
- Multiplayer modes added to the Tatooine Survival map (Blast, Droid Run, Hero Hunt, Heroes vs Villains, Drop Zone)
- Hoth Luke Skywalker skin added
- Hoth Han Solo skin added
- Private match functionality added
- Daily challenges added
- Setting for actively choosing server site added

Weapon and Star Card changes:
- EE-3 Explosive shot damage decreased from 10 to 4 per shot
- SE-14C Explosive shot damage decreased from 10 to 5 per shot
- Homing Shot lock on time increased from 0.4 to 1.5
- Homing Shot lock on distance decreased by 10 meters
- Homing Shot projectile speed decreased from 30 to 23
- RTC-97 overheat value is increased by 8%
- Bowcaster replenish time tweaked (Normal 18 to 25 and Upgrade 15 to 20)
- Flash Grenade replenish time tweaked (Normal 16 to 20 and Upgrade 12 to 15)
- ION Torpedo replenish time tweaked (Normal 15 to 25 and Upgrade 12 to 20)
- Thermal Detonator replenish time tweaked (Normal 15 to 20 and Upgrade 10 to 15)
- Impact Grenade replenish time tweaked (Normal 16 to 25 and Upgrade 12 to 20)
- Explosive Shot active time tweaked (Normal 7 to 5 and Upgrade 10 to 7)
- Scan Ping recharge time tweaked (Normal 8 to 10 and Upgrade 5 to 8)
- Cycler Rifle bullet dropoff reduced
- Cycler Rifle damage increased from 90 to 100 at close range (10 meters)
- DL-44 overheat tweaked and fire rate changed from 250 to 180.
- Bounty Hunter trait card Level 3 reward percentage lowered from 100% to 85%
- Fully charged (5 shots) Bowcaster damage per projectile decreased from 50 to 15, otherwise (1 or 3 shot) bowcaster damage per projectile decreased from 50 to 10
- ION Torpedo lock on range decreased from 600 to 500 meters
- Smart Rocket lock on range changed from 1000 to 500 meters
- RTC-97 spread is increased when firing for a longer period
- Scan Ping tweaked to have 50% shorter spotting time
- Scan Ping active time decreased from 7 to 2 (is this what the above refers to?)
- Barrage recharge times increased, Normal from 18 to 40 and Upgrade from 15 to 35
- Explosive Shot active time decreased, Normal from 7 to 5 and Upgrade from 10 to 7

Vehicle Changes:
- Starfighters pickups have a 20 second respawn delay
- T-47 Airspeeder pickups have a 10 second respawn delay
- Millennium Falcon and Slave I health decreased by 30%

Game Mode Changes:
- Removed a turbolaser on Sullust which could be used for spawn killing
- Turbolaser respawn time has been increased with 15 seconds
- New friend zones and additional spawn points for Supremacy maps
- New friend zones and additional spawn points for Walker Assault maps
- New friend zones and additional spawn points for Turning Point on Jakku
- Bugfix for crashing instantly when spawning in a vehicle on Jakku
- Fighter Squadron hero vehicle pickups have more randomized timing
- Fixed a Heroes vs Villains bug where players could use their cards in pre-round that got corrected by server
- Updated spawn management between big and small game modes
- Reduced the match bonus for Blast from 2000 to 1000
- Reduced the Win bonus for Blast from 750 to 500
- Increased the Match bonus for Hero Hunt from 1000 to 1750
- Reduced the Win bonus for Hero Hunt from 500 to 250
- Reduced score for dealing damage to AI X-Wings and AI TIE Fighters from 20 to 10

New game mode minimum player count thresholds:
- Walker Assault: 20
- Supremacy: 20
- Dropzone: 4
- Blast: 4
- Cargo: 4
- Fighter Squadron: 4
- Hero Hunt: 4
- Droid Run: 4
- Heroes Vs Villains: 4
- Turning Point: 20

Hero Changes:
- Han Solo weapon damage over distance is lowered. Damage goes from 70 (was 75) to 30 (was 35) between 10 (was 20) and 25 (was 40) meters
- Boba Fett weapon damage over distance is lowered. Damage goes from 30 to 20 (was 25) between 30 and 60 (was 80) meters
- Boba Fett wristlauncher explosion radius decreased from 4 to 2.5, maxiumum damage increased from 1 to 1.2 meters
- Boba Fett missile doesn't lock on anymore

Bug Fixes:
- Stun inducing attacks now properly trigger stun animation loop
- Fixing an issue where melee'ing at nothing completly stopped your movement
- After the transition from the AT-AT the user screen could remain black, this is now fixed
- Several instances of rocks that players could get stuck on have been fixed
- Speederbike - Inconsistence between the range when you see the prompt button and when you could actually use the vehicle
- Survival weapons behaved differently than MP, now brought in-line
- Jakku - Invisible collision located on the landed Rebel transport ship
- Users with the most kills will now not be prevented from get the Trophy / Achievement ”Playing the objective” in Blast
So there's a few things here that should have people excited achievement-wise. The Cycler Rifle's bullet dropoff has been reduced, which means getting those headshots for Precision shot should be a little easier. The achievement glitch that prevented players from unlocking Playing the objective for having the most kills in a game of Blast has been fixed. And both the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1 have had their health decreased by 30% which should make them easier to take down to obtain Don't get cocky.

There's a lot here that should help improve the balance of the game overall that were badly needed. Which changes are you happiest to see?
Marc Caccamise
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