Guitar Hero Live Premieres New Def Leppard

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
It's a good thing this update is coming to Guitar Hero Live and not Rock Band 4, or else you may have had to play the drum sections with just one arm. Def Leppard's new song, "Dangerous", is making a very interesting debut. Neither the radio nor the television, nor even the internet (okay, probably actually the internet) will host the song first. Instead, you'll find it on GHTV, one of Guitar Hero Live's features that lets you play mini-concerts and music videos of various songs.

The music video premiere on GHTV comes as part of the Def Leppard: On Through The Ages Premium Show. Also included are videos for “Let’s Go” and “Rock of Ages.” Frontman Joe Elliott and his Activision puppeteers had this to say about the premiere:

When the idea to premiere our newest music video for ‘Dangerous’ in Guitar Hero Live came about, we were thrilled. The way our fans discover and listen to our music has evolved so much throughout the years. Whether they’re playing on vinyl, streaming the songs online or playing along to our music video in Guitar Hero Live, it’s amazing to see how interactive music has become. There are so many interesting ways our fans experience our music, and having the video for ‘Dangerous’ debut in Guitar Hero Live felt like such a great way to reach all of our fans.

Joking aside, it's very cool to see this new path for music. The video for "Dangerous" is the first ever music video premiere to happen in a video game. Maybe the ancient hair metal band is an odd fit, but it just shows you how the music industry is changing. Like the other songs and shows in GHTV, you can level up to unlock them or, if you see yourself as a VIP, you can cut the line and buy it right away.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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