Project Cars Stanceworks Track Expansion Released

By Andrew Ogley, 2 years ago
It's been a bonanza week for fans of Slightly Mad Studios racing simulation, Project CARS. Earlier in the week the development team released Feature Update 8.0 which fixed a number of remaining issues and extended the UDP interface for third party apps. Now the team have released the latest of their monthly DLC packs via their On Demand program, "The Stanceworks Expansion". Additionally, as always they've included a free car for the whole community, along with those in the paid DLC.

Alongside the cars, there is also a new track included and it may well be the most picturesque track currently available in the title. Set in the Scottish highlands, Bannochbrae is a road circuit that weaves through the countryside with stonewalls, stone arches and bridges, and a tricky little section that will give the faster cars a little 'hang time'.

The team has released a video clip which shows off all of the cars in their Stanceworks glory and reveals some of the beauty of the latest addition to the circuits.

If you are wondering what each of the cars are then Slightly Mad Studios have provided us with the following details regarding the expansion:

Free Car #8 - Ford Falcon FG
The Ford Falcon FG was Ford’s weapon of choice for competition during the 2014 season of Australia’s ultra-popular V8 Supercar touring car series.
The X-Bow is motorcycle specialist’s KTM first ever car creation as the Austrian company has entered the sports car market with an innovative no-frills roadster.
MX-5 RadBul Formula Drift
Formula Drift Racing star “Mad” Mike Whiddett has gained a reputation for building some of the most extreme drifting machinery on this planet and his newest project is undoubtedly the most spectacular – The MX-5 RadBul Formula Drift.
BMW 1-Series M-Coupé Stanceworks Edition
Inspired by the BMW experts over at Stanceworks, the 1-Series M-Coupé Stanceworks Edition is a special edition of BMW’s popular 1-Series road car already available in Project CARS.
BMW 2002 Turbo Stanceworks Edition
Stanceworks have also created a special version of a true BMW classic, as Project CARS users can exclusively enjoy the BMW 2002 Turbo Stanceworks edition.
Over 4.5 miles long, this new road course situated in the highlands of Scotland takes drivers through the village of Bannochbrae and alongside its infamous ‘misty loch’ for a stunningly beautiful driving experience replete with spectacular views and sweeping curves.
"The Stanceworks Expansion" pack is available from today via the Xbox store.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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