Gunscape Gets A Release Date

By Joseph C,
After getting delayed to this year, the wait is almost over for the latest couch-coop FPS. For those looking to scratch their co-op and creative itches with FPS level-building and couch play, Sydney-based developer Blowfish Studios has announced that their upcoming FPS Gunscape will be releasing on March 2nd.  The title comes with an eight-level campaign created by Blowfish themselves, which includes three boss battles and is able to be played solo or cooperatively.  With that, a full suite of level-editing tools is made available, so players can create their own campaigns from scratch or dabble in multiplayer map creation.  You can then share your creations online for others to play, as well as jumping into the multiplayer mode on player-created maps for matches of up to 20 players.

Interestingly, the local split-screen multiplayer of days gone by is still intact and on steroids.  Players have the option of up to eight-player local split-screen for the multiplayer on Xbox One and PC although other platforms will only support up to four-player splitscreen.  I hope you Xbox One owners out there have a big television.

What's more, and a rarity in any game, is cross-platform sharing.  Players will have access to content created by other players the world over, no matter what platform they choose to play the game on or what platform the content was created on.  Check out the latest screenshots and video below.

Gunscape is taking aim at a March 2nd release across all platforms.

We've got the full list of Gunscape achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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