Quiet, and More, Coming To Metal Gear Online

By Lexley Ford, 1 year ago
During a recent live Twitch stream, Konami announced that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's Metal Gear Online will be adding three new maps, as well as Quiet as a new Unique Character, in March as part of a batch of paid DLC. Like Snake and Ocelot, Quiet will only be available if the Unique Character setting is selected prior to beginning a game, whereby one player from each team is randomly picked to spawn as a unique character.


While being new, the three maps - Rust Palace, Coral Compound, and Azure Mountain - will feel familiar to players as they are based on bases from Metal Gear Solid V's single player campaign. The DLC will also add "new sets of custom combinable animations” called appeal actions, so players will have the opportunity to bust a move or strike a pose.


Alongside the DLC, an upcoming update will introduce a new ranking system and a selection of 15 new musical tracks, including pieces from Zone of the Enders and Boktai. The update will also rebalance certain pieces of equipment, such as adjusting the blast radius from the rocket launcher, and give players the ability to use the combat knife as a secondary weapon.

Both the upcoming DLC and update are due to arrive this coming March. No pricing details have been announced.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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