Front Mission Evolved DLC Announced

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
A rather succinct and to the point announcement has been made regarding Front Mission Evolved and two DLC packs which will be coming to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace later this month.

First up is a new game mode entitled "Last Stand" which will cost 400MSP. The press release had little to say on the matter simply stating:

Last Stand is a new mode for up to two players tasked with fighting off increasingly difficult waves of enemies in both Player and Rank matches.
If you want more maps for the title, then the "Map Pack" DLC priced at 320MSP will add two new maps to the roster:

With limited cover and unobstructed fields of fire, no one can hope to leave the desert unscathed.

A veritable maze of shipping containers and hangars, the docks lend themselves to intense and vicious close-quarters combat.
Both DLC items will launch November 23rd in all territories.