Additional Action Henk Details and Release Date

By Fierce, 1 year ago
Last summer, Curve Digital announced that the fast paced, multiplayer platformer Action Henk would be buttsliding its way to consoles soon. Now that Henk and his friends are getting ready to zip around the corner, new details and a release date for the racing speedrunner have been revealed.

According to the developer, Action Henk is sometimes portrayed as a cross between Sonic and Toy Story and is an intense joyride through colorful environments. Some of the Action Henk features include:

•Race solo or against friends in the brand new local multiplayer mode and choose from over 30 action figure inspired characters.
•More than 70 heart-in-mouth courses across 10 stunning HD worlds.
•Epic boss challenges and mind-boggling bonus stages to prove you have what it takes to be the ultimate toy.
•Challenge your friends or try and beat the ultimate world champions scores via the online leader boards.
•Full achievement and trophy support.
They also took the time to reveal more wacky screenshots and a new trailer featuring a few highly competitive, multiplayer races. Roel Ezendam, the co-founder of RageSquid says, “This is the ultimate Henk experience and we are so excited to be revealing the local multiplayer mode...the most asked for feature from our community".

Action Henk takes his final lap before heading to Xbox One on March 4th.
Credit for this story goes to Spilner
Written by Fierce
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