Guitar Hero Live Details 5-Day Shred-A-Thon Event

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The upcoming Shred-a-Thon event in Guitar Hero Live is an event that players wont want to miss. The 5-day marathon of rocking out to the many songs on offer in the game will also include the "highly anticipated" debut of "Through the Fire and Flames" by DragonForce.

Jamie Jackson, Creative Director and Co-Head of FreestyleGames, is excited to bring DragonForce's song to the community:

The Guitar Hero community is the lifeblood of the game, so we knew we had to do something huge to bring back one of the most beloved songs of all time. Everyone at the studio has fond memories with Through the Fire and Flames, so we decided to take it up a notch and combine it with the toughest songs in the game hand-picked by us to create the ultimate challenge: a five-day shredder marathon. It’s time to crank it up to expert difficulty and show us what you got!
The playlist for the Shred-a-Thon event will include these following tracks on repeat:

• DragonForce – Through the Fire and Flames
• Alter Bridge – Cry of Achilles
• Megadeth – Hangar 18
• Lamb of God – Ghost Walking
• Trivium – Strife
After the marathon is over, the debut song from DragonForce will be added to the game's regular song catalogue. Also, each song in the Shred-a-Thon event will be Rival Challenge-enabled, meaning that players will have the option to compete against matchmade players in a 1-on-1 battle during each of the songs.

Take a look at these new screens for a sample of the heavy musical event that will be sure to test the endurance of even the most hardcore players:

The special event is live right now on a "special third channel" in GHTV and will run until Monday, February 8th at 3pm GMT.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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