HITMAN Pre-order Details

By Fierce, 1 year ago
Now that the full details of the upcoming episodic espionage adventure, HITMAN have been released, players are now capable of getting their pre-order in. Either the ‘Intro Pack’ or the ‘Full Experience’ can be ordered. Square Enix has confirmed that there will be a beta for anyone that pre-orders the PS4 or PC versions of the game but unfortunately, as of now, there is no information available if there will be a beta test for the Xbox One version. It was also announced that all pre-orders will include the ‘classic’ REQUIEM pack which will include digital items inspired by Hitman: Blood Money

HITMAN Pre-order

The latest trailer for HITMAN celebrates the pre-order that is now live. The narrator, whom is likely to be Agent 47, describes a corrupt world and exclaims that "...there is a world beyond yours, where economics and luxury collide with violence and power...We live in a world of assassination, and once you know, there is no going back".

Agent 47 gets his first contract on March 11th when HITMAN releases. As of right now, there is not a digital pre-order via the Xbox LIVE store and only retail pre-orders can be made for the Xbox One version.
Written by Fierce
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