Dying Light: The Following Multiplayer Details

By Fierce, 1 year ago
"Good Night, Good Luck" was the original Dying Light slogan when it first debuted. Now that the dawn of the game's expansion, Dying Light: The Following is upon us, it seems the new enhancements are going to require a lot more than sheer luck.

A gameplay trailer, just released, shows the return of the "Be the Zombie" 4v1 multiplayer mode featuring weaponized buggies, a new map and new tactics available for both survivors and the Night Hunter. The hunt will not be complete until a little bit of oil and blood are spilt.

Also rather interesting, and grotesquely fun, Techland has comprised a Zombie History 101 video of sorts that is quickly going viral. From Voodoo to Volatile Zombies, the fascination of the undead will not likely die out anytime soon.

The screaming begins again next week. Dying Light: The Following expansion and Enhanced Editions are released February 9th in most regions, however a full list of global release dates can be found here.
Written by Fierce
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