Battleborn Unveils Two New Characters

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
As we move closer to the release date of Battleborn, developer Gearbox continues to release new heroes, inching their way closer to the 25 that are expected at launch. Today we are introduced to two melee based characters, Attikus and Galilea.

Attikus is a massive creature that looks like a cross of a human and a bull. He is all about getting up close and personal with his enemies and uses his fists to deal damage. If he gets within melee range of you, you're going to have a bad time. His abilities, as well as a couple of screenshots of the warrior in action, can be seen below:

Pounce: Just because this beast is huge doesn’t mean it can’t move. Attikus can leap to a target location and knock foes back.

Hedronic Arc: That metal arm grafted to Attikus’ body? He uses it to shock enemies when they come in for a closer look.

Hedronic Eruption: Attikus’ ultimate ability hurls shockwaves of energy to clear enemies out of his path.

Hedronic Collector: A fringe benefit of the biotech harness — his passive ability can syphon energy from killed enemies. Once enough energy gets collected, he can pay it forward, juicing up the next skill he uses and making it even more powerful.

The best tactic for fighting against Attikus: keep your distance. Stun, slow, or shoot at Attikus — just keep him out of arm’s reach!

Gearbox also released a quick character highlight video to show off just how disruptive Attikus can be on the battlefield:

The second character to be revealed, Galilea, is also a melee based hero, but she will attack you with both her shield and her greatsword. Galilea has abilities that allow her to attack from up close as well as at a distance, and she also excels at either swiftly retreating from an unwinnable fight or sneaking up on her opponents while they are unaware. Her full ability list can be seen below along with some screenshots of her character model:

Shield Throw: that shield Galilea wields can do a lot more than simply absorb damage — give it a toss and share the pain! And, no, she has nothing to do with a certain someone that rhymes with Shnaptain Shamerica.

Desecrate: always ready for a sword fight, she curses the ground beneath enemies to amplify damage against them.

Abyssal Form: Take personal time-out with this ability. Galilea’s ultimate ability explodes into dark energy allowing her to take a break from the action or run for cover. During that time, she takes reduced damage and regenerates a huge chunk of her health.

Corruption: the more that she connects blows and uses skills, Galilea’s Corruption grows. Once charged, she begins projecting a passive aura that drains the health of nearby enemies.

The best tactic for fighting against Galilea: keep your distance, attack from behind where she can’t block with her shield, and keep her on the move so she can’t bunker down with Desecrate and Corruption.

Galilea's own character highlight video can be seen below, showing off her prowess as a warrior:

Battleborn is set to release for the Xbox One on May 3rd.
Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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