BioWare Tease Next Major Project

By zigs00, 8 years ago
BioWare are riding high on a wave of success lately, with both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises becoming both hugely critically successful and selling by the bucketload.

While you think they might be too busy hard at work on Dragon Age II and Mass Effect 3, it turns out they've got a third game on their slate. But they only thing they've revealed about the game is this image:

External image
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And this teaser trailer:

It's doesn't look like either ME or DA, nor does it look like a sequel to any of their previous work (Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate or anything Star Wars-y). I'd hazard a guess and say this is a new IP we're looking at. Some sort of modern day/near future shooter -- but judging from their previous work, with some sort of RPG element perhaps?

The game will get a full reveal at the Spike Video Game Awards on Sunday 11th December. Until then though; let the speculation commence!