H1Z1 Splits Into Two Games, Both Coming To Xbox

By Mark Delaney,
If you're not a PC gamer, you might not be very well acquainted with H1Z1. Born out of the recent rise in survival games, the open-world zombie title is a direct competitor with DayZ. Think of it as a multiplayer State of Decay, if that helps. While the game has been receiving feedback and updates in Steam's Early Access program, one evolution has led to the game featuring a robust competitive shooter component. These two branches have combined to make H1Z1 what it is. However, they've gone on in such drastically different directions that the producers at Daybreak have decided it might be best to commit full servings of developers and resources to each.

The end result is two differently subtitled games under the H1Z1 header, and both are due out for consoles.

H1Z1 is the "fight-to-the-death" competitive shooter version featuring several modes including the popular Battle Royale. This one is scheduled for release this summer when it exits Early Access and makes its true debut on consoles as well as PC.

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The other version, Just Survive, is the more expansive survival simulation that focuses on crafting items, scavenging resources, and overall self-preservation.

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Daybreak has said they are "working on" bringing this open-world version to consoles as well, and will share more information on that when the time comes.

Steam players who already own H1Z1 will be granted both versions when they release. No such offer has been announced for consoles as of yet, likely because they just aren't available in their current pre-release forms. Hopefully console players will have a similar opportunity to get both at a discount when they do arrive.

Which version suits you best?
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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