The Division Open Beta Announced

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Just when you may have thought it was all over after the recent Closed Beta, an Open Beta has now been confirmed and Ubisoft has officially revealed the dates for the final taste of the Tom Clancy's The Division before its full release.

We also only knew of three out of four enemy factions that will be seen in the virus-riddled city of New York, these being the Rioters, Cleaners and Rikers. The final group that's been revealed could be the deadliest of all of them - The Last Man Battalion:

The Division Factions

Rioters are low-life thugs who have taken advantage of the chaos to steal from both the living and dead, and to needlessly kill the helpless and those trying to help. Usually armed with handguns or baseball bats, Rioters are not a massive threat in small numbers but they can usually be found roaming the streets in packs.

Cleaners were once heroes of New York with their firefighting skills. These firefighters now look to use fire as their weapon instead of dousing the flames, as they believe the only way to get rid of the virus is to burn everything and everyone. Donning hazmat suits and wielding flamethrowers, these former firefighters are not the proud workers who many will have once known.

Rikers are prisoners who have escaped from the Riker's Island prison. The opportunity to get revenge and take out their frustrations on authority couldn't be better for the Rikers. Control has been lost in the city, so with the aid of shotguns and sub-machine guns, the Rikers are keen to take over New York using any means necessary.

Finally, the most-recently revealed faction is the Last Man Battalion, a private military company hired by Wall Street companies looking to protect their assets during the outbreak of the virus. This mercenary group is filled mainly with veteran soldiers with extensive overseas combat experience. With key fighting experience and superior weaponry at their disposal, the LMB are a massive threat to our team of agents and everyone in New York.

See all of the factions in action in this new video that also reveals the dates for the Open Beta:

The Division Open Beta

The Open Beta for The Division begins on Thursday, February 18th and will also feature a new mission that wasn't included in the Closed Beta and Closed Alpha. Those who participate in the Beta will also receive a special in-game reward that will be unlockable in the full-version of the game.

The Division is still on schedule for March 8th.
Ashley Woodcock
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