New Dinos and Highlights for Ark: Survival Evolved

By Joseph C, 1 year ago
ARK: Survival Evolved is always, well, evolving. Although still in game preview mode, the jurassic-themed MMO surival game has seen multiple revisions, with new species of dinos, new equipment, and new mechanics continually being added to fine-tune and enhance the gameplay.

Hot on the heels of the first major content update in January, two additional content updates have been added to the game. The most recent update from Studio Wildcard, the team at Ark's formidable reigns, occurred Friday February 5th. This update added a quasi-flying dino mount, affectionately nicknamed the Terror Bird (Phorusrhacidae Rapidesultor). Along with it comes a new gear item, the Grappling Hook, which will prove quite necessary if players want to tame the aerial beast.

Although not capable of full flight, the Terror Bird can use high-speed sprints to take large, gliding leaps. It is tamable and ridable, giving players another option in the growing stable of mounts within the game. It benefits from the speed and mobility of the theropod class of mounts, while still garnering some of the perks of a true flyer, who are usually much less mobile while on foot. While similar in movement to dinos such as everyone's favorite cinema lizard, the T-Rex, it attacks with dashes and leaps.

Not solely relegated to dino-taming, the Grappling Hook will become another tool for traversal, allowing players to climb cliffs, hitch rides on flying passers-by, or even tie up other players and smaller animals. Cue the ubiquitous Mortal Kombat Scorpion catch-phrase.

What's more, the update adds in the much-anticipated Tribal Alliance system to give smaller groups a fighting chance to gang up on the larger powerhouse tribes, as well as fishing upgrades, and crowd-sourcing for localization of in-game text without the need for mods. Lastly, all existing items not already added in will become part of the Master Items ID array.

In case you missed it, the previous update on January 28th added another mount as well, the three-seater herbivore Gallimimus. This dino has no means to protect itself, basing its survival on raw speed (possibly the fastest mount in Ark). What's more, it can saddle up to three riders in a unique three-seat saddle, making it the ultimate escape vehicle for you and your two closest friends if things go south, owing to its speed and passenger capacity. It lacks any ability for attack or harvesting, though, so you'll likely either love it or hate it, much like the domesticated pet bird in the real world with which it shares a resemblance. Other additions from the January update are as follows:

New Armor: SWAT-style Assault Armor tier
New Weapon: Electric Prod stunner weapon
New Structures: Greenhouse/Glass tileset with plant-growing benefits
Better Save/Load: Improved save-game save-and-load times
Name Tags: Added new special name tags and custom hat skins for: Wildcard Admin Team, Wildcard Non-Admin Team, Authorized External Testers, and Dev Kit Masters.
Check out the Terror Bird, Grappling Hook, and Gallimimus in the pics and videos provided along with lots more Ark gameplay.

The dinos are set to be unleashed upon the masses when the game officially releases this June. You can still join in via the game preview program if you're anxious to say 'hi' to Brendan Fraser and weeze the juice prior to launch.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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