Namco Generations Brand Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Namco Generations is the new brand that will see a remastered release of some of Namco's classic games. The games will be released on XBLA with enhanced gameplay and high-definition graphics.

Today's release of PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX, the follow-up to 2007's Pac-Man Championship Edition, is just the first of many releases. Other titles that have been announced are Galaga Legions DX and Aero-Cross. Aero-Cross is a re-imagining of Metro-Cross, Namco's 1985 arcade game. Namco Bandai have confirmed that more announcements will be made throughout 2011.

Carlson Choi, Namco Bandai's vice president of marketing, said:

"NAMCO BANDAI holds a rich heritage of classic games that shaped the early history of the video game industry. They defined what arcade games should be, and set the benchmark for retro revivals with PAC-MAN Championship Edition and Galaga Legions. NAMCO BANDAI Games will continue to raise that bar with Namco Generations."
The game titles released under this brand will also be regularly updated with Namco Generation News. The newsletter will be accessible in the main menu of each game, and will give behind-the-scenes information, insider tips, and other announcements.
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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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