8 Points Reveals The Wild Eight

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Developed by 8 Points, The Wild Eight is an action-adventure title that sees eight people survive a "mystic" plane crash and have their everyday lives changed forever.

After the crash, the eight people find themselves in the middle of a horizonless winter forest in Alaska. Now stranded in a forest full of unknown challenges and dangers surrounding them, the eight people must either work together or act on their own in an effort to get back home.

Here's some of the key features to come in the game:

* Try to survive and explore the forest side by side with other players. It’s the right way to stand against this harsh world... until a madman appears in your group who wishes to grab the catch. Or to taste the human flesh.

* At night the temperature drops to critical points, and a bleeding wound worries you when least expected. You must develop all survival skills such as creation of shelters and other necessary things, otherwise you’re doomed to death...

* Where did all these deserted buildings and mutated wolves come from? Solve all the puzzles of this place to get out of here.
Check out the reveal trailer showcasing the harsh conditions players will have to try and survive in:

Take a look at some screens from the title right before you sign up for the upcoming beta via the game's official website.

No date has been announced yet for the beta, but the full game itself will be coming to Windows and Xbox One this Fall.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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