Dreamcast Collection Heading to 360 [RUMOUR]

By Dave Horobin, 9 years ago
An as yet unannounced Dreamcast Collection appeared briefly on US retailer Gamestop's website recently, before quickly being removed without any trace.

Luckily before the game was removed, CVG managed to get a screenshot (below) of the page detailing a 15th February 2011 release along with a price of $29.99.

External image

Since being removed, Gamestop's staff have confirmed to CVG that the game is still showing on their internal system, but with a slightly different release date of 17th February 2011.

Unfortunately there was no mention on the page of what games will be included in the collection although it can be expected that the previously released Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi which is due to be released on XBLA on 24th November, and the recently confirmed Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing might be released on one compilation disc.

Although it looks fairly believable that the collection will be coming to the 360 next year it's still speculation at this point as to which games will be included - so those of you wanting classics such as Jet Set Radio and Chu Chu Rocket don't get too disheartened yet.

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Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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