Dovetail Games Announces Flight School

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Developer Dovetail Games has revealed Dovetail Games Flight School (Win 10), a new training simulator on the Windows 10 platform that will have players ready to fly high in the skies with the in-game rank of a private pilot, but with the confidence of a master pilot.

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Players will attend a Flight School in the game and learn how to fly a light aircraft "to the level of a Private Pilot". The experience promises to be hands-on and will offer students an authentic feeling on what it's really like to fly a light aircraft. Although the learning curve will be tough, players can expect to find the game "simple and fun" all while the title stays true to the real experience.

Straight away, some people may think that learning to fly an aircraft will be daunting and overwhelming with the complexity of the controls, gauges and switches. Well never fear as Flight School's in-game instructors will show you the basics which wont be as difficult as some may think. Will you need prior knowledge of aircraft controls before diving into the game? Will mastering the art of pitching, climbing and descending drain the fun out of the simulation? Dovetail thinks not:

Our aim is to transform that haphazard experience into an engaging experience by breaking down the barriers that make flying seem inaccessible. By empowering you to relax and appreciate how you take control of an aircraft, we will help you to enjoy the very best and most beautiful aspects of flying. Flight School will also have an extensive Free Flight mode, where you can explore the world at your own pace, should you wish to put your newfound skills to good use. Here you can create your own adventure. You have the entire world to explore – the entire world, complete with over twenty-four thousand airports.
Dovetail will be attempting to bring the flight sim genre back to a more broad audience and make the experience more accessible to those who haven't played the genre a lot or at all. Steve Hood, Creative Director at Dovetail Games wants to make sure that the feeling and joys of being a pilot transcend through to the player and will be aiming to give players a solid understanding of how to fly a plane and hopefully feel the satisfaction of a smooth run from take-off to the landing.

Does Flight School sound like something you'd be willing to try out?

The game will be coming to Windows 10 but a release date is yet to be announced.
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