ARK: Survival Evolved Gets a New Update

By Devin McIntyre, 1 year ago
Following the additions announced last week, Studio Wildcard continues to add more to their game preview title, ARK: Survival Evolved. Keeping with the tradition of previous updates, the newest additions to the game include a couple new creatures for you to fight and tame, along with a handful of new items, features and fixes.

The first new dinosaur that you will encounter is the Dimetrodon. This carnivore can be found around the swamplands and is generally pretty friendly with Survivors. The Dimetrodon is a good ally to have as they can help players by offering them shade during excessive heat, and shelter from the cold because of the insulating sail that it has running down its back.

Additionally, players will now be running into the Dung Beetle. This "majestic" creature is useful to tribes by being able to clean up your living quarters. It ingests the useless waste and excrement that is laying about and uses that to produce burnable oil that can then be used to either power generators or fertilize your crops.

This update brings more than just new creatures, most notably, the Xbox will be receiving split-screen capability for both local offline play and Non-Dedicated online play, allowing fellow survivors to have that much needed together time on a couch while ravaging the fields and taming dinosaurs. The rest of the additions can be seen below:

Deep-Sea Loot Crates: Just what it sounds like. Cool stuff underwater.
Beer Barrel: These craftable Beer kegs can make tasty brews, with various status enhancing effects, however the subsequent ‘hangover’ effects are not so pleasant!
Loads of bug fixes, serious performance update (~15%), fixed memory leak
Non-dedicated servers now support up to Eight survivors and 33% larger tether distance
The new creatures and split-screen experience can be seen in the following screenshots:

This update is available for ARK: Survival Evolved right now as a part of the game preview program, and the game is expected to officially launch this June as a part of the ID@Xbox program.
Credit for this story goes to SweetArkhane
Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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