Site Wishlist Voting System

By Jack Watling, 1 year ago
The Site Wishlist Forum is packed full of your ideas to improve the site. With so many threads, we sometimes find it tricky to filter out the better ones and figure out what you, as a community, really want to see next, so we've added a new Site Wish List Voting System!

Whenever you view a Site Wishlist Forum thread while logged in, you'll have the opportunity to either give it an up vote or down vote, dependent on if you either love it or hate it.

Voting buttonsVoting buttons

To give us a better idea of what ideas we should be prioritising, we've limited the amount of votes that you have. With a regular account you can vote on up to 5 different items, but with a pro subscription you can vote on up to 15 - it seems only right that those who help fund the site should have a bit more influence on the features that we add.

This means you need to pick the items on which you vote carefully, but if an idea is implemented (or dismissed) then you'll get that vote back. Alternatively, if another idea comes along that you think is better, you can remove existing votes by visiting those on which you've already voted and hitting the "Remove vote" button.

Removing votesRemoving votes

You can see a quick overview of the votes from the messageboard view too. There are additional thumbs up and thumbs down columns that show the number of up votes and down votes, respectively. Anything displaying a dash means that there have been no votes.

Messageboard viewMessageboard view

Lastly, thanks to everyone that posts ideas over in the Site Wishlist Forum. Some great ideas have emerged from the board in the past and, with this development, we'll be able to jump on the better ones even sooner. toast

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Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
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