February Xbox One System Update Rolling Out

By Lexley Ford, 1 year ago
This month’s system update is here and brings with it a host of social features, including the return of the Gamerscore Leaderboard, that will make it easier to stay connected to the Xbox Live community on both your console and PC with the Xbox app. A few highlights include being able to see who’s in a Party on Xbox One before joining, the ability to hide games from ‘ready-to-install’ list and the newly-integrated ‘Avatar Store’. The list of which features are coming in the update can be found here

In addition to the features mentioned in our previous coverage, the Xbox One update will also include:
‘Use a code’ shortcut in the Xbox One Store: Redeem 5×5 codes quicker while on your Xbox One console by tabbing over to the Store and using the new ‘Use a code’ shortcut. To the right of ‘Games store’ and ‘Search game store,’ the ‘Use a code’ link will enable you to enter retail codes directly from the dashboard.

Program the hotkeys for your Xbox One Chatpad: We’re making it easier for you to access your favorite apps with your Xbox Chatpad. This month’s release includes an interface which allows you to set the X1 and X2 functions on the Chatpad keypad. Just plug your Chatpad into your controller and navigate to Settings. In the Devices & accessories area of Settings, select the controller that the Chatpad is connected to and choose the desired functions for the X1 and X2 keys from the drop down box. The current hotkey defaults are ‘take screenshot’ (X1) and ‘record that’ (X2).
On Xbox One and the Xbox app:
Xbox Accessories App: New updates to the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One and Windows 10 make adjusting your Xbox Elite Wireless Controller easier. As soon as you open the app, you will now see how each unique setting is mapped to your Profile Switch slots in greater detail. There are also collapsible menu options and design updates that let you view all your editing options on one page. Finally, we’ve made improvements to the thumbstick adjustments by allowing you to change the intensity of each sensitivity curve, and also made trigger and vibration settings more visually intuitive.
Xbox One and App Update 2

The February Update began rolling out on the Xbox app yesterday and will be coming to the Xbox One today.
Lexley Ford
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