Free R.U.S.E. DLC Incoming

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
"The Manhattan Project Map Pack" will be released in December for R.U.S.E. for free. Who better than Ubisoft themselves to tell you all about it?

“The Manhattan Project Pack” will include three exclusive multiplayer maps along with two additional multiplayer modes. The multiplayer maps will face you off against armies in North African territories, in Italy and in Holland for 2 vs2 and 3 vs3 battles.

- “Nuclear war” will enable you to produce nuclear Long Tom cannons, with mutual nuclear threat involved. The destructive scope of R.U.S.E. just flew off the charts.
- In “Total War”, the battle starts in 1939 and History advances every ten minutes, unlocking new units and technologies.
They also included a screenshot:

External image

Sales figures for R.U.S.E. were "below expectations" according to a financial report released earlier this week. The free dlc might tempt a few more people towards this strategy game.

The exact release date will be announced soon.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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