Operation Flashpoint - Red River Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
The first screenshots for Operation Flashpoint: Red River were released today on the game's official Facebook page. They didn't release any more details with them, but have promised "plenty more to come in the next few weeks".

External image

External image

Codemasters are also currently running the final stage of their "Name the Achievement" competition. Gamers had been previously asked to send in their suggestions to name the achievement for destroying an enemy vehicle with the FGM-148. They've whittled the suggestions down to four finalists, which are:

• "I'm a Rocket Man"
• "Catch This!"
• "Spears for Fears"
• "Flame Grilled, Man"

The poll is open on the official Xbox forums until 23.59 on November 21. You have to be signed in to Xbox.com as your vote is tied to your gamertag. Only one vote per gamertag is allowed.

The game has a vague release date of Q2 2011 at the moment.
Rebecca Smith
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