The Walking Dead: Michonne Kicks Off with Launch Trailer

By Mark Delaney,
If you're a fan of the entire Walking Dead-osphere, you have to agree this Michonne mini-series can't come at a better time. She was involved in big decisions in both the most recent comic issue (#151) and the most recent episode of the television series (6.10). Telltale must be pleased to see how much their lead lady's name is on everyone's tongues just as their latest take on the IP arrives. If you're excited for the first of the three-part mini-series, check out the launch trailer.

The Walking Dead: Michonne's premiere episode, "In Too Deep", comes out today, February 23rd. The middle episode releases in March, and the finale arrives in April. Such a schedule should surely please those who have been fed up with the developer's long wait times between episodes in some of their previous series.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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