DOOM Details Warpath and Hack Modules

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Players who like their shooters fast-paced, harsh, punishing, unforgiving and full-on will be interested to see what DOOM's multiplayer has to offer as developer id Software shares details on a new game mode and the featured hack modules.

The development team recently tested out the new game mode, Warpath, which is DOOM's take on the popular game mode King of the Hill. Rather than there just being a single hill to fight for, this capture-point will move in circles around the map following a clearly marked path, but that's not all. On the opposite side of the path to the capture point, a "game-changing" demon rune will move around waiting for players to use the rune and turn into a force not to be reckoned with. With this unique twist to the gameplay forcing players to always be on the move in a fast-paced environment, will you be heading for the objective or fighting with others to try and grab the demon rune?

id Software also tested the newly introduced Hack Modules. These single-use disposable items are earned through the game's progression system. The more time spent playing the game, the more modules that players will earn. I know many readers will be happy to know that the modules are not tied to microtransactions. Some of the Hack Modules showcased were the Supply Timer, Retribution, Scout, Vital Signs and Power Seeker.

The Supply Timer allows players to see the respawn timers for item pickups. This will be a very handy module for when a player is passing through a certain area and notices health, armour, or a weapon only has a few seconds to spawn. Retribution shows the location and health of the player who last killed you. Scout gives a freshly spawned player the locations of all enemies for a few seconds so they can decide which way they want to head next. Vital Signs reveals health bars over your enemies' heads. Finally, the Power Seeker shows the location of any power-ups that are nearby.

Marty Stratton, the game's director, likes to think of the Hack Modules as giving an advantage to the player the same way that "court vision" does for athletes:

Think of Hack Modules as an emphasized awareness of your surroundings that may, if you utilize it well, make you more effective. Good players ‘see’ these things inherently. But none of these affect the game’s balance by changing how powerful your gun is or anything like that.
A few screens have also been released alongside the multiplayer details. Take a look at the demonic hell hole into which players will be diving in a few months:

DOOM will release on the Xbox One on Friday, May 13th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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