The Division 'Collapse' Simulator Breaks Down Societies

By Ashley Woodcock,
We've covered a large variety of details, screens and videos for Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's The Division for over a couple of years now. Gamers following the news and the game itself will be well aware of what the story entails and even though the virus, Variola Chimera, and the plot are fictional, a crisis like this could happen anywhere in the world at any time.

What would you do as patient zero if the virus hit your home? Where would you go? How fast would the virus take down your city's complex but fragile systems? We rely on power, transport, communications, banking and hospitals everyday, and if one was to collapse, the rest would soon follow. The answer to the above questions can be found in the new realistic simulator from Ubisoft - Collapse.

The simulator is an online interactive system that uses real data to create a more authentic and personal feel for the end of society. Make different choices in the simulator and suffer the different consequences as the virus spreads like wild fire.

Based on Open Street Map, NASA open source data and IATA Flight routes, with input from emergency risk specialists and public service employees, Collapse features more than 3800 cities worldwide, home of 95% of the population. The user can compare different scenarios by choosing another epicenter or by making different choices in the simulator, and find the most vulnerable and the safest cities.
Try out the Collapse simulator right here -

Understandably, some of you may have worked up a bit of a panic. Well never fear, as Ubisoft has you covered! If you like to indulge in a spot of reading, the New York Collapse Survival Guide may be of interest to you. This real survival guide was written before New York collapsed and tells the story of a woman struggling to survive and desperately trying to find out why the city fell. Residents of the EU can pre-order the meta-novel right here. More details on the novel as well as various outlets for American pre-orders can be found here. Take a look at the recently released video showcasing the survival guide:

The Novel and The Division itself both release on March 8th.

We've got the full list of Tom Clancy's The Division achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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