Road Rage, Spiritual Successor to Road Rash, Coming Soon

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
It's been sixteen years since the last time a Road Rash game released. Since then we've had a few nods to the series, like The Lost and Damned's brawling racing mode, but that was a game mode that was part of a bigger and different game. Maximum Games have today announced Road Rage, a direct spiritual successor to EA's bygone motorcycling melee racer.

If you've never played Road Rash, it's a motorcycle racing game wherein each racer is armed with melee weapons, most famously baseball bats, that allow you to knock your opponents off their bikes and send them grinding on the pavement. Maximum Games has provided this introduction to the new game:
Road Rage is a motorcycle combat game set in the dusty, dangerous town of Ashen. You are Ace, the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling underground crime in the city. With big dreams to become club president, you set in motion a new strategy to fulfill the goals of the motorcycle gang, using your skill on a bike to propel you into a position of ultimate control. Featuring 42 story-based missions, players will master 40 battle moves on 11 unique, customizable bikes. Road Rage comes to PS4™, Xbox One and PC this year.
A few debut screens were made available that you can see below.

As the publisher stated, it's due out this year. It's not yet known who is developing the game. Look for more news as we approach release, and don't forget to wear your helmet.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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