Further Details on 101 Ways To Die

By Fierce, 1 year ago
Science can be dangerous, to which there is no better example than Four Door Lemon's physics-based puzzler, 101 Ways to Die. The life's work of a crazed Professor is incomplete and will be left up to the player to test various death traps in order to aid in his sadistic legacy.

At the game's start, players are given a variety of traps and tools to be placed down during the planning phase to only then be tested on poor and unwilling creatures called Splatts. Certain combinations of trap configurations from the 101 recipes of death are part of the challenge. According to the developers, some examples of the killing mayhem include combos "such as ‘Blasted Spikes’ (exploding a Splatt with a mine, the blast forcing it onto a wall of spikes), ‘Ball Point’ (a cannon firing a cannonball into a Splatt and pushing the Splatt onto a bed of spikes) and ‘Hot Love’ (placing some slime for a Splatt to slip on into a lava pit!)". There are various tools at the player's disposal including death logs, spikes, fans, lava pits, cannons and more, so the killing possibilities are endless.

Last month's announcement and teaser trailer provided a pretty good look at the gruesome mayhem to ensue but just released are some new in-game images as well.

Get the traps set. 101 Ways to Die releases on Xbox One on March 18th.
Written by Fierce
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