Dead or Alive 5 Last Round DLC Details & Screens

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
To celebrate the upcoming release of Samurai Warriors 4 Empires for Playstation platforms, developer of said game KOEI TECMO are teaming up with Dead or Alive 5 Last Round's Team Ninja, to bring a new set of Samurai Warriors inspired additions to Dead or Alive 5 Last Round in the form of a new character, a new stage, and plenty of new costumes.

Samurai Warriors character Naotora Ii will be joining the battle after being sucked through a mysterious portal "by-way of a M.I.S.T. time-travelling experiment". When Naotora emerges from the portal, she is faced by a Dead or Alive tournament competitor who she must for her life against. Staying true to her family motto of "once on the battlefield, one must face the enemy head on", Naotora will be looking to come out of the new challenge victorious and will use her kick-based attacks as she does best. Her signature "Ii Style Leg Strikes" come from her time spent serving under Yoshimoto Imagawa, who's techniques were based on his mastery of the traditional Japanese ball game "kemari".

If you've never seen Naotora before, then I'm pretty confident she'll leave an eyebrow-raising impression with some of these costumes she can seen in. I had to look twice to make sure there actually was a rubber duck on her head in one of the screens:

DoA5LR Samurai W4 Nao DLC Screens 17

Get to grips with Naotora Ii for €5.99 or your regional equivalent. Those who are super interested, can also pick up her debut costume pack that cost more than she does for €7.99, or grab the character and costume in a bundle for €11.99 on March 17th.

Alongside details of Naotora, March 17th also sees the release of a free stage for Dead or Alive. The "Azuchi" stage will be making its return in the series free and will be the first time fans can fight in the great hall of "Oda Nobunaga's famous residence" since Dead or Alive Dimensions. The stage will come in three tiers where fighters can scrap on the rooftops underneath a gorgeous full moon, or crash down to the ground to fight near a cherry blossom tree overlooking the building that is lit by torchlight. Take a look at these screens for a sample of the beautiful visuals players will see while fighting on Azuchi:

To top off the DLC offering, a set of Samurai Warriors inspired outfits will be releasing for the title too. Coming in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes, take a look at the outfits worn by Ayane, Hayate, Honoka, Kasumi and Marie:

The outfits will be available to download for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on March 29th. No pricing details were confirmed for the outfits.
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