Cel Damage HD Release Date Confirmed for March

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
After being announced at the beginning of this month, developer Finish Line Games has now confirmed the release date for the upcoming wacky car combat title Cel Damage HD and has also released a new set of screens.

Cel Damage HD Packshot

If you never played the original title back in the original Xbox days, the game was a popular cartoon demolition derby smash up released fifteen years ago with fast-paced vehicle action and some tough cartoon drivers to choose from. In a battle to the death to gain TV fame, the title offered four-player splitscreen multiplayer madness, perfect for those who love some competition in person rather than online.

The graphics of Cel Damage HD have been upgraded and game balancing has also been improved to make the game a little bit more welcoming to new comers. Players can choose from 10 playable toons, each with their own unique car, and take to the 13 different arena-style levels on offer to smash their opponents to pieces. The 30 weapon power-ups will be sure to help players come out victorious.

Daniel Posner, President of Finish Line Games is excited for the launch:

Cel Damage was born on Xbox and we are thrilled to see our baby launch on Xbox One
Here's the key features players can enjoy upon the game's release:

• Fully updated, cutting-edge HD graphics
• Old-school splitscreen multiplayer that supports up to four players
• A slew of Xbox Live Achievements to earn
• Revised balancing that ensures fun for beginners through to Cel Damage experts
• Ten playable characters, each with a unique car and weapons
• Thirteen arena-style environments
• Over 30 weapon power-ups
• Three distinct game modes to choose from: Smack Attack, Gate Relay and Flag Rally
The new set of screens showcase plenty from the upcoming racer, including different vehicles, arenas, weapons, one, two and four player matches, characters, and more:

Cel Damage HD will be ready to play on the Xbox One on March 11th for US$8.99 / £7.19 / €8.99 and can be pre-ordered right here.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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