Stranger of Sword City Releases New Facility Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
New details have been released for Experience Inc's upcoming Stranger of Sword City: White Palace for the Xbox One. The team take a look at the various facilities on offer as well as detailing what Butterfly Nests and Magical Stones are.

Starting with Facilities, the Corridor serves at the main connecting point for the different facilities and players will be able to save and load their game data here.

The Base is the residential area for the guild members. This area is managed by Mrs. Gurruba and will be where you can recover life points and revive members who have been knocked out during combat. There will be two selectable methods for reviving characters - "Instant" or "Normal" treatment. The main character can only receive the Instant treatment while other characters can have both. The Normal treatment will require the fallen character to be hospitalized for a certain amount of time.

Riu can be found in the Leaders Room as the stand-in leader. Here, players can register, manage and change the jobs of all the members of the team.

The Shop is run by Gillius. Players can buy and sell items and also transfer items to storage.

Here's the details on Butterfly Nests followed by some screens:

Within the Labyrinth there are locations where butterflies will gather.
Here you can teleport out of the labyrinth using the power of the butterflies or
defeat them to gain useful items for your adventures.

Lastly, we take a quick look at Magical Stones. Filled with magical power, the stones can be activated by touch and enable the character to travel between the "Strangers Guild and Magical Stone locations.

Stranger of Sword City: White Palace will release on the Xbox One on March 22nd.
Ashley Woodcock
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