TA Stats - February 22nd to 28th 2016

By Chewie, 1 year ago
This report is for the period February 22nd to 28th 2016.

Welcome to the end of February stats here on TA where we find out if Rocket League can maintain the commanding hold it took on the tables last week.

The Big Numbers
62,477 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 88,109 games between them (2,133 different games).

8,443 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 10,836 games between them (1,309 different games).

134,681 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 1,559,723 achievements online between them (58,668 different achievements).

Xbox One
After smashing its way to the top of the table last week, Rocket League takes a step down to third to make way for two new releases. Far Cry Primal takes the lead with 13,100 starters while Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 follows with around half the numbers. The week's other new release, The Walking Dead: Michonne, has to settle for fifth with 2,700 starters, behind Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. That game, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, https://www.trueachievements.com/Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops....htm and Metro 2033 Redux all appear thanks to the week's sale while freebies Hand of Fate and Styx: Master of Shadows take fairly low table positions in sixth and ninth.

Far Cry Primal is clearly the most played game of the week as it not only leads on Started, but also sweeps Achievements Won clean and appears in fourth on Completed with 200 completions thanks to the usual fairly balanced Far Cry list, this time with no multiplayer too. Rocket League still smashes it Completed though, pushing the completions up from 560 to 980. You might expect easy completion TWD: Michonne to appear but, seeing as all three episodes have scanned in, it won't count until that final episode is released.

Unfortunately, other new releases The Flame in the Flood, Replay: VHS is not dead, Reagan Gorbachev and Tiny Troopers Joint Ops aren't anywhere to be seen.

Top Xbox One Games Started

Top Xbox One Games Completed

Top Xbox One Achievements Won

Xbox 360
Freebie Gears of War 2 naturally still leads on the 360 and manages to sweep Achievements Won. There's not much else to hold our interest unfortunately apart from Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (Xbox 360) sneaking in at the bottom of Started thanks to the sales.

Top Xbox 360 Games Started

Top Xbox 360 Games Completed

Top Xbox 360 Achievements Won

As one of the only devs still releasing new titles on the 360, Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne (Xbox 360) appears on the XBLA tables though it has to accept second place behind freebie Sacred Citadel. It has a bigger impact on Completed though, taking first with 300 completions thanks to only the one episode being scanned in so far (unlike on the One). All seven of its achievements sit pretty on Achievements Won, sandwiched between three Sacred Citadel entries.

Top Xbox Live Arcade Games Started

Top Xbox Live Arcade Games Completed

Top Xbox Live Arcade Achievements Won

Yet again Windows gives us basically nothing to talk about. Thankfully that should all change next week.

Top Windows Games Started

Top Windows Games Completed

Top Windows Achievements Won

Windows Phone
WP on the other hand gives us a new release in Free Slots Fun Factory (WP), which leads by a mile on Started with over 950 starters and grabs a clean sweep on Achievements Won. As is usually the case these days, the game is a big old grind so doesn't make Completed.

Top Windows Phone Games Started

Top Windows Phone Games Completed

Top Windows Phone Achievements Won

Following the Rocket League boost into first last week, Action slides down to fourth this week. Mostly thanks to the game being reclassified as a Sports title though, which in turn sends Sports up from ninth to third. Meanwhile, the new Walking Dead gives Adventure a small boost but nothing major.

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre
  • Action-Adventure17,650,731
  • Shooter10,469,660
  • Sports7,755,644
  • Action4,976,790
  • Role-Playing4,745,780
  • Adventure3,209,596
  • Platformer2,232,511
  • Racing2,010,454
  • Puzzle1,719,438
  • Card & Board1,343,839

Apart from the aforementioned Windows release, next week doesn't bring us anything major so I'm expecting business as usual on the numbers.
Written by Chewie
Chewie is a Wookiee from Kashyyyk. Since helping the Rebel Alliance defeat the Emperor, he has taken up Achievement-Hunting and Newshoundery on TA. Also, ice-skating.