Ultimate Head to Head Contest - More Details

By Rich Stone, 2 years ago
Last week we told you about a new contest that we are going to be running on TrueAchievements - the Ultimate Head to Head contest (UHH for short).


We have been working on finalising the rules and prizes and we can now give you some more details about the event, and allow you to see if you are able to enter!

The complete rules can be found here. For those wanting a quick summary of the rules, here it is:
• At the start of each period you are paired with another user and both given the same list of 20 achievements you have yet to unlock
• You have until the end of the period to unlock and scan onto TA as many as possible, the winner being the person that unlocks the most
• If you both unlock all 20 achievements then the person that unlocked all 20 first is the winner for that period
• The loser from the pair is eliminated from the competition and the winner progresses to the next period
• This continues until we are down to a single winner - the Ultimate Head to Head Champion!

Note: Achievements must have a valid online timestamp to count.
Registration Requirements
In order to register for the event, you need to have at least 2,000 valid locked achievements (check the spoiler tag below for the definition). This is to enable us to have the best chance of matching you up with other gamers throughout the contest. You can check to see how many you have on this page.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Note: We have dropped the rule that required you to have an achievement in each game - you can now choose to include all owned games in your game collection should you wish to do so.

The Prizes
• 8 Quarter Finalists: 1 year of TrueAchievements Pro
• 4 Semi Finalists: 2 years of TrueAchievements Pro and Bronze medal in community event panel on their homepage
• Runner up: 4 years of TrueAchievements Pro and Silver medal in community event panel on their homepage
• Winner: 10 years of TrueAchievements Pro, Gold medal in community event panel on their homepage, and a TrueAchievements T-Shirt from the next batch of official merchandise that is produced.
Registration will open on Friday March 4th, 2016 and will close on Friday March 11th. The contest will start on Monday March 14th, 2016.

Quickest way to add unplayed games to your Game Collection
• Go to the Full Games List. This brings up a list of every game on the site, with filters at the top. They are sorted alphabetically by default and include all platforms.

• Under the Platform filter, choose 360, XBLA, and Xbox One.
• Under the Played Status filter, choose Games I've Not Played.
• Under the Release Status filter, choose Released Only.

• From there, you can simply click the green icon to the right of each game to add it to your collection (or the red icon to remove it if you no longer own it and haven't played it - it wont be on this list if you've unlocked an achievement in it based on these filter instructions).
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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